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Prior Postings - in reverse chronological order

June 5, 2022 - Release Baliyuga Bad Intentions

April 15, 2022 -
Release Fooled by Everything - 1980

Feb. 9, 2022 - Release Baliyuga OK Boomerang

Jan. 5, 2022 - So Alone - Pining away for Katrinka

Nov. 17, 2021 - Doodildidoo - a birthday song for Katrinka

Nov. 8, 2021 - Baliyuga on the Way to Venus - six song album published

October 26, 2020 - Music For a Comic Book Video now digitally published

July 11 - 2021 - On the Way to Venus

July 10, 2021 - Happy Anniversary 6

Feb. 14, 2021 - The Fourteenth Day - a Valentine song for Katrinka

October 26, 2020 - Music For a Comic Book Video now digitally published

August 1, 2020 - Gatherin - recently sent to Katrinka while with her Oregon family. She's back now.

July 28, 2020 - The Painting on the Wall - from 1978

Janurary 8, 2020 - Bali Go Down

8-12-19 - OK Boomerang published (acoustic single)

30-12-19 - Created column #2 in list of all songs to mark 1 and 2 for DC pics in addition to ones recorded in the various groups and albums listed. 28-07-20 - still haven't done anything about it.

21-12-19 - Good Enough

21-12-19 - Waiting for You

18-12-19 - OK Boomerang

6-3-18 - What a Lucky Guy I am  (audio posted, only had party You Tube video)

4-xx-18 - Lagu Lagu (Singin a Song Song)

2-14-18 - Sonnett #1 - for Katrinka Valentine's day

2-08-18 - Panjang Umurnyu Plus - happy birthday Kim Patra

11-28-17 - What a Lucky Guy I am - a birthday song for Katrinka

4-02-17 - Congratulations - for Seth and Dakota who got married and for Story too.

3-18-17 - RIP Chuck Berry. Hearing Maybellene for the first time at the age of ten was a moment I still remember. It opened a door - and so much more came through there and keeps coming. Hail hail Chuck Berry!- dc

1-15-17 - Valentines 2017 for Katrinka (a brief DC intro to stuff lifted off YouTube and scrambled a bit.)

10-26-16 - Sixties pop star Bobby Vee has died.

The song that tells Scott Beach's true story about Vee's first big concert.

10-03-16 - Two new song pages

Whooptedo for Katrinka when she was in the US in October 2016

Anniverse for our one year anniversary when I was in Germany 2016 July 10.

8-15-16 - Let's Castro Castro - from high school days. Recorded now in honor of Castro's 90th birthday.

5-14-16 - Blanche's tune for Blanche Hartman who passed on yesterday. Written in December of 1979

4-25-16 - Compassion Crew Presents: Compassion Cuts, Tapes, and Acetates, a record album of obscure oldies which includes "Bouquet of Weeds" from Music for a Comic Book Video. Congratulations Robert Glaholm and Barry O'Donoghue. - dc

4-03-16 - Dua Nol Tiga (Two Oh Three)

3-10-16 - You Tube video of Offerings

3-08-16 - First Bitch - written in 1981 for Nancy Reagan.

3-03-16 - Offerings (Persembahan Persembahan) - in Indonesian then English

2-22-16 - Walkin' Down Dusty Road and I Want to be your Bodhisattva Baby - two songs from the sixties that I put a song page here to link to from stuff written about and from back then.

2-21-16 - Seventy Times around the Sun - written for my 70th birthday

2-18-16 - Katrinka Be my Valentine - written on the 14th for her

2-17-16 - Happy Birthday Chef - for Ben Patra written for his birthday a year ago today!

2-16-16 - Katrinka! - a Nov. 17, 2014 birthday song for my wife. MP3 now up.

2-15-16 - Our Friend Frida (is a Killing Machine) MP3 now available. Five other songs from Bali now up. - dc

11-05-15 - Thinking of You - just wrote last night for my wife Katrinka who's in the US for a month plus. And quickly threw together my first music video for Youtube. - dc

8-08-15 - Added six song pages. Don't Want to be your Enemy is from 1982 with a few versions - all pretty weird. The rest listed at the bottom of the Song Page Index are from Bali. Only Wedding Song 2015 has a recorded version and that's a video on Youtube of me singing it at our reception. Recordings to come.

8-04-15 - Made song page for Our Friend Frida is a Killing Machine which recently redid with two new sections. No recording of the old or new yet. It was just something I sang walking around the barn. She was our cat.

6-14-15 - Entered the words for Heart's Desire on its song page.

1-10-15 - Ahdel's Breakfast Song - a song by DC's mom

10-01-14 - Created a song page for And We'll Miss You, a lament for Chis Pirsig.

8-03-14 - Three new song pages for songs that will be if they already aren't featured in  Freedom Songs, My Journey through 1964 on DC site

Come Let Us Build a New World Together
Don't Cry
Julie the Heart

11-28 -13 - Thank You, a song for this Thanksgiving.

11-04-13 - Torture Doctors of Grenada song page

9-18-13 - Brett writes his band Everest Cale wrote a song about Nuclear War titled 'Fossils'.  It is their newest single. You can stream 'Fossils' on Soundcloud. Here's their Facebook page and here's more on these folks. Posting this on the What's New and Species Threats sections of my Zen site, cuke dot com. - dc

Got this strange message: Read your Jr Hi article.  Try pickleball.  You'd b a natural.  Good conditioner, low stress & sociable sport.  You can play anywhere in country.  Great low impact exercise for old(and young) monks and Zen priests.  Check out in your area.  "Have paddle, will travel". Searched and found this: Pickleball is a highly contagious, progressive and incurable disease. How could I resist with a come-on like that?

We can play Pickleball as we wait to see which threat gets us first. Good luck human race. - dc

8-30-13 - Reading about Jerry Brown's desire to keep as many people in prison as possible. See this article. Reminded me of this song. Please Don't Build No More Prisons Governor Brown

6-13-13 - Began entering PDFs of original pages songs were written down on. Not all legible. See new fifth column on the List of all DC songs. Will get to it little by little. - DC

5-22-13 - On the making of Music for a Comic Book Video - for Dahvin Bugas to include with albums he's sending out of this bit of madness from 1984 (album released late 1985 because at Studio D vocals and some added music and mix down and the great art and getting it mastered and whole package and distributed took time). - updated 5-26

5-21-13 - Pigfuckers - a song about tax collecting and tax policy. See this post on

1-08-13 -  Boat of Dreams is available as a download (for $5) via CD Baby and other outlets NO MORE. Of course you can still listen to it and download it from this site for free.

Boat of Dreams page on this site including new cover art cause the old didn't match CD Baby requirements..

DC CD Baby page with links to Boat of Dreams and Songs for to Find the Girl from Perth CD and Audiobook NO MORE.

2-24-12 - Mr. Bigness song page

Read a bit about this song and why I think of it as my personal demented anthem for the Occupy Movement written three decades ago.

2-14-12 - Valentine Songs

8-23-11 - Added the words to two songs - Bad Intentions and Ahdel

8-09-11 - See cuke's Species Threat Number 1: Accidental or Otherwise Caused Nuclear War Between the US and Russia with a special entry for today, Nagasaki Day.

Check out the Nuke Songs section of DC's Defuser Music, featuring World Suicide and Freeze Please

7-03-11 - Rules of Love - a page for this song inspired by the event surrounding a spiritual teacher's adulterous tryst

5-20-11 - Oh Jolene! - a page for this song for Jolene Mercer

4-21-11 - The Songs by DC with Liz section is now done which completes the Songs by, with, and for Liz department. That's all I got that I know of now. Thanks Liz. - dc

4-20-11 - Featuring on this special day, Liz Tuomi singing Psychoactive in the Low-Fi box of Songs by DC with Liz section of the Songs by, with, and for Liz department.

Psychoactive (Low Fi) Liz on lead

 Blaise Smith produced version of Psychoactive  - Liz background vocal

4-18-11 - Elizabeth Tuomi singing and playing on songs by DC in the Songs with and for Liz department.


Grateful, a duo with Liz and DC from the Fooled by Everything Tape -  - see song #2 on side B

All of the Fooled by Everything Tape has Liz on piano and\or singing background. She's great.

Grateful now with it's own page.

4-10-11 - Featuring Heart's Desire with comment

3-22-11 - Six Finish Folks Songs played by Liz Tuomi

3-21-11 - Seven songs by the Accidentals, an acapella musical group that Liz Tuomi was in a while back. Details to come.

3-20-11 - A selection of songs by DC for Elizabeth Tuomi with introduction and a note on the meaning of the songs.

And found a bunch more bad links - all these problems come from changing page names and the links are supposed to be fixed automatically but some aren't and I didn't realize it. All the Homemade Low Fi mp3 links seemed to be bad and that's some of the most interesting stuff here. Oh well, someday.

3-19-11 - Liz Tuomi singing Everything Happens to Me by Tom Adair and Matt Dennis now included in Songs with and for Liz - also, the basic tracks of her singing and playing the Finish folk song Little Bird on the piano.

3-15-11 - More songs for and with Liz Tuomi

Fixed a bunch of broken links.

3-10-11 - Starting a page for songs by with and for Elizabeth Tuomi. First entry is a Finish folk song she sang called Little Bird.

Visit her memorial page on

2-21-11 - Dear friend and musician Hokum Jeebs dies in Seattle. Read about this in DC's

Songs herein with Hokum on the piano.




1-07-11 - A few 16 Track Songs from 1986
(deleted scenes from the Boat of Dreams project)

Added a lot of notation to the Archive List of Songs, like which ones were included in which projects and so forth.

1-04-11 - On the Night Buddy Holly Died - a true story as told to me by Scott Beach who also joins in on a recording of it.

1-02-04 - made some additions to the list of songs, adding links to mp3s where there is no acoustic version, stuff made with electric instruments and equipment, bringing the list with links closer to completion. A few songs to go though. Obviously something no one but me would care about.

12-18-10 - Farewell Don Van Vliet, Captain Beefheart - site for his music

Van Vliet art

Rolling Stone obit

DC song for him (1st verse) - The Madman Minstrels Hall of Fame

11-25-10 - Today we feature Thank You, and wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

7-25-10 - Putting up the first MP3s of DC acoustic archival recordings. Starting with the first cassette tape (of 38] made from 1972 through the years, linked from the song names on the List of DC Songs.

5-20-2010 - Some Weird Eight Track Recordings from 1984

5-18-2010 - Basic tracks with vocals for Seven nuke songs from 1982

5-14-10 - Some Memories on the Making and Promoting of World Suicide

5-12-10 - The Homemade Low Fi Series - Experimental ditties created on a Fostex Four Track Cassette Recorder from May of 1982 to the early spring of 1985.

5-08-10 - Songs recorded with Blaise in 1981 - in the weird, industrial, new wave, electro section. It was Blaise Smith who led me into this experimental, raw, new area of musical madness. See Music Orange studio in SF to see his latest venture.

Also - reorganized the site a bit and redid the layout some today. - dc

5-07-10 - Links added to scans of sheets with the words and chords to about 250 songs on the dchad song list. Just look down the column marked read and you'll see boxes in the table with <read w/chords> with the "w/chords" part the link. These links have been added to the music projects too except for Boat of Dreams the word/chord sheets for which I ain't found yet..

5-02-10 - Not Something Else. Recorded in December of 1978. This is the first music recording I ever did in a studio, half in a studio and half in Doug McKechnie's apartment - 17 songs in each group. Twenty were selected for a tape I gave away to friends and family. All are included here.

5-01-10 - Fooled by Everything. In 1980 for pretty much the whole year as I remember it, a group of us gathered regularly at my mate Liz Tuomi's studio and jammed on DC songs. I think we did about 65 of them. I was quite moved that Dave Murray, the musical impresario of Bolinas at the time who did the chorus and musicals, would devote himself to what was basically a long goalless jam session. He was joined by his mate Susan Goldhaber on bass and some percussion. I remember that her father was something like the only symphony Theremin player in the country - in San Diego. Don Armstrong who later became principal of the Bolinas school played harp and teenager Alan Stone played lead guitar - may he rest in peace. My mate Elizabeth Tuomi was on piano. We performed once in downtown Bolinas and sounded terrible as I remember it. We had fun but were lacking in discipline, maybe because of smoking so much pot. In November we made a tape I called Fooled by Everything after the first song - with the band dubbed Duck Soup. I was pretty pleased with it but after this tape I decided it wasn't fair to everyone to keep this up, that we'd gotten out of it what there was to get. I was touched that people were disappointed and wanted to keep going but we had other mountains to climb. I missed them all a lot and love to go back and hear us all together.

4-30-10 - Four Nuke Songs, a demo tape made in August of 1982. After having written a slew of songs on the subject of nuclear weapons, this demo tape was made in the hope of eliciting support for an album. Put into the new Nuke Songs Section.

4-18-10 - Scanned the front and back cover of the 45 rpm single record for World Suicide/Freeze Please and took bits of it out to decorate the site here and there. Now there's the music, the art, the credits, and words to the songs on the World Suicide/Freeze Please page which includes links to World Suicide Club, the WSC 1983 Newsletter and David Cohen's WSC page.

4-17-10 - Defuser was originally a name for music DC did around the theme of nuclear weapons. [See the Nuclear War department of's Species Threat section]. Many songs on and around the subject were written. The culmination of this project was a single released in 1982: World Suicide & Freeze Please. More to follow: 45 rpm cover and back, credits, more info and other images, more songs, and a club. These mp3 taken off the record. Go to WS/FP page.

4-16-10 - Listen to Boat of Dreams, a DC music project from 1986

4-12-10 - Now you can listen to the songs from Music for a Comic Book Video. May god have mercy on your soul. It's near the bottom of the Music for a Comic Book Video page.

Also redid the list of all DC songs to get them in rough chronological order with some key dates. Next will be to put in some MP3s of some of the songs.

4-11-10 - Check out the  Music for a Comic Book Video page which now has the art, words to the songs, credits, song list, and a review. More tomorrow.

4-10-10 - Here is a list of songs written by DC - I'm not sure how to proceed. I want to find a way to present them with links to hear them and to read the words and columns for dates written and notes (and some have a number of versions) and presented in some way that's flexible and can be changed, rearranged and so forth. All but a few are recorded. This list is based on the tapes they came from. And all of the songs on those tapes are now in digital form. They're mainly poor quality - I'd just dash em out on an office cassette machine or whatever was handy so I could remember what they sounded like. But sometimes I'd try to do a better job and even have a number recorded with bands and help from skilled friends. Anyway, here's the list. - dc

4-09-10 - When I was searching for other uses of "defuser" on the web,  I noticed a Google link that read A viable Commercial and below it text that read "Defuser: Music for a Comic Book Video LP. This is officially the weirdest album that I have uploaded. This is the virtually unknown self-released follow-up ..."

That stopped me in my cold footsteps because that's an album I made in 1984 and 85. There was a great review and a small dark image of the album cover that expanded when you clicked on it, the names of the songs, and best - the whole thing could be downloaded. I sent a note to <> saying how pleased I was to see it there and regardless of what I did he could continue to do so. What blew my mind as much as finding it was seeing when he'd put it up - just a few days earlier! Twenty five years after I made the vinyl album I get ready to put a digital version on the web and someone else had just done it. Serendipity. It's experimental, weird, like he says - and he specializes in weird. It's almost entirely sampled. I called it difficult listening music. There's a lot of art that goes with it. So till I get it up here in more complete form, check out what Goutroy has done with Music for a Comic Book Video.

4-08-10 - Why call the site Defuser Music? When thinking about what to call the site I played with DC Music, DC Songs, Dchad Songs and so forth. The DC ones were all taken but the dchad wasn't. However, looking back on some past music projects I realized that I'd used the name Defuser on several of the best produced ones. It was originally the name I used for music on the subject of nuclear weapons. But it doesn't have to be limited to that. I was also drawn to that because it didn't use my name. I searched for Defuser and found a fictional character - check it out - and thought, well, our universes aren't gonna cross. And I noticed a out emotional abuse. No problem. There was a band named Diffuser in Long Island in the nineties. So for now I think I'll call it Defuser Music.

4-07-10 - Why did I start this site? It's not really my top priority these days but I've written songs since elementary school and I've noticed that I can't shake the desire to archive them and make them or some of them available via the wonderful world of interconnectivity that we have today. I noticed it was bothering me that I had over 1000 songs recorded that were just going to degrade and disappear. They'll do that anyway, something as an archivist that I'm well aware of, but this effort will extend their life a little longer. It's all varying degrees of sand castles. Also it's fun for me and calls forth spirits that have been neglected.

4-06-10. Today, the first day of this site. I see there's a person with the same name in Australia who sells CDs of his music. I, however, live in Sonoma County, California. I'm probably the only David Chadwick here that does music to this extent. But just to make sure, my middle name is Reich. That's also my mother's maiden name. Not sure how to organize this site but for now I'll just link to something that's already on the web, namely Songs for To Find the Girl from Perth. I think I'll now make a comment page where this comment will reside for longer whereas here it will be replaced by something new and timely. Stay tuned.


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