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Nuke Songs

World Suicide - album with songs from below remastered and released July 21, 2023

Defuser was originally a name for music DC did around the theme of nuclear weapons. [See the Nuclear War department of's Species Threat section]. Many songs on and around the subject were written. Little by little they'll get listed and linked on this page. The culmination of this project was a single released in 1982: World Suicide & Freeze Please. More to follow: 45 rpm cover and back, credits, more info and other images, more songs, and a club. These mp3 taken off the record.

go to the page for World Suicide/Freeze Please - a single from the fall of 1982 - see comment of 4-17-10


front and back covers of 45 rpm record jacket or see them displayed here with the music, the credits, and words to the songs on the World Suicide/Freeze Please page


In 2006 Pearl Jam released a song called World Wide Suicide. Read about it in Wiki. See the video on YouTube.

There are a number of nuke songs in the Low Fi Series. They are marked Nuke song in the notes column.















Four Nuke Songs, a demo tape made in August of 1982 called The Missile and the Rose. See World Suicide Story. The song names below are links to mp3s (190kbps). The read links after the song go to scans of sheets with the words and chords as typed by Liz Tuomi and me, mainly her.

1 - Madam Chang's Arcade   ---   read w/chords

2 - The Missile and the Rose   ---   read w/chords

3 - What Have We Gone and Done   ---   read w/chords

4 - Get Movin'   ---   read w/chords

Produced and Engineered by John Blakeley in San Francisco. John also played rhythm guitar, bass, and drums on 1 and 2, sax on 2, and lead guitar on 3.
Tim Gorman - synthesizer
Scott Mathews
- drums on 3 and 4.
Blase Smith - Casio MT30 on 2 and 3, guitar on 2, and synthesizer on 1 and 2.
Richard Schoenherz - synthesizer on 3.
Back up vocals: Zach Brown, Kelly Chadwick, Michah Sawyer, - 1
Liz Tuomi - 1 and 4
C.J. Harris, Karen Schwelm - 4
David Chadwick - words and music, vocals, and special effects
(c)1982 David Chadwick

Seven nuke songs DC was working on with John Blakeley in 1982 before we stopped to put all  resources into World Suicide and Freeze Please. Basic tracks only without lead instrumental, fills, and additional instrumentation. See other versions of these songs in the Low Fi Series. Compare numbers 5,6, and 7 with demo and more complete yet prior versions in Four Nuke Songs with Madam Chang changed to Uncle Sam (at the suggestion of actor Henry Gibson), a change which in estimation made the song less cool. - DC

1-Murphey’s Law --- read w/chords

2-Picnic --- read w/chords

3-Taboo --- read w/chords

4-Hopefully --- read w/chords (produced in the nuke song group but not a nuke song)

5-What Have We Gone and Done   ---   read w/chords

6-Uncle Sam’s Arcade --- read w/chords

7-The Missile and the Rose   ---   read w/chords

The credits for these seven songs go to the same crew who did the four nuke songs for the demo minus background vocalists.

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