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published July 21, 2013

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1. World Suicide
2. What Have We Gone and Done
3. Madam Chang's Arcade4. Picnic
5. Murphy's Law
6. Taboo
7. Hopefully
8. Get Movin
9. The Missile and the Rose
10. Freeze Please

These are all songs written and produced in the early 1980s while I was working on the Nuclear Freeze campaign.-DC

Produced by John Blakeley in San Francisco.
World Suicide and Freeze Please Englineered by Tom Flye assisted by Bob Johnston at the Record Plant, Sausalito.
All other songs engineered by John Blakeley at his San Francisco Studio.

Credits for songs # 2,3,8, and 9 listed below and are more exact since they were on a demo tape.
The others had same musicians except for Blase Smith and no backup vocals.

John Blakeley  rhythm guitar, bass and drums on 1 and 9, sax on 9, lead guitar on 2.
Tim Gorman - synthesizer
Scott Mathews
- drums on 3 and 4.
Blase Smith - Casio MT30 on 2 and 3, guitar on 2, and synthesizer on 1 and 2.
Richard Schoenherz - synthesizer on 2,.
Back up vocals: Zach Brown, Kelly Chadwick, Michah Sawyer, - 1
Liz Tuomi - 1 and 4
C.J. Harris, Karen Schwelm - 4
David Chadwick - words and music, vocals, and special effects
Songs and album remastered at Kubuku Studio Bali by Tude Arta Sedana.

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