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World Suicide (the album)

Get Movin

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Shopping down by market street a typical foggy day
Met an old guy with a doom sign “THE END IS NEAR” it said
So what!
There’s nothing we can do I shrugged and started away

There certainly is he laughed at me and then had this to say
Get on the telephone, go visit them, pull out some paper, pick up a pen
An envelope, a stamp, a zip code and you’re through
Don’t give me no baloney ‘bout there’s nothing that you can do

Get movin’ get movin’ get movin’
Get on the move (repeat)

Stead of lyin’ or hidin’ or bein' depressed
Move it this way, move it that
With a friend, a neighbor, a stranger or with a group
with your spoon in your hand just stir the soup

Movin’ is solid and do feel good.
People are movin’ all over this world
Don’t have to be no true believer or deceiver or a fool
There’s so many ways of gettin’ on the move

They’re movin’ in Germany They’re movin’ in France
In The Soviet Union and the U.S.
Helen’s out there movin’ and the Admiral’s at it too
There’s all kinds of people gettin’ on the move


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