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World Suicide (the album)


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There were snakes in the trees above
And thorns on the ground below
Where we would spread out our picnic
That we had long looked toward
Auntie swept the thorns away
And uncle caught the vipers
And carried them off carefully to the other side of the river

And we went on a picnic (3 times)
Surrounded by all that we love
The eons had produced us
Myth was in our mouths
Confusion in our habits
Though clues had filled the house.
And even though wed still the sense to take away the snakes
Greater dangers lurked about where we did not relate

Mom opened the basket which had been so full of promise
There were yellow cakes, smoking mushrooms and glowing hummus
Dad he poured the kool-aid which everybody drank
Oh our picnic made guiana seem a trifling prank

The afternoon went slowly because of all the burns
Our family died and all mankind was there to be interred
And insects were the meek who rose in herring our spot
Then it was their picnic
And they ate a lot



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