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Nuke Songs
including the others on the World Suicide album

World Suicide & Freeze Please - a single from 1983

Defuser was originally a name for music DC did around the theme of nuclear weapons.
[See the Nuclear War department of's Species Threat section].
Many songs on and around the subject were written.

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Welcome Good Members of the World Suicide Club, a poem - Youtube
                   - check the words out at WSC site

Listen to World Suicide - promoting nuclear war - read the words - words w\cords

Listen to Freeze Please - promoting a freeze on nuclear weapons - read the words - words w\cords

On the Making of World Suicide

Credits down below

front and back covers of 45 rpm record jacket

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Credits from back cover enlarged


Here is a version of World Suicide DC did at home previous to this recording.

World Suicide attracted more attention than any song I've ever done. I didn't even intend to record it. It was just one of many songs about the threat of nuclear war that I'd written. [See Nuke Songs]

Read Some Memories on the Making and Promoting of World Suicide

In 2006 Pearl Jam released a song called World Wide Suicide. Read about it in Wiki. See the video on YouTube.

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