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Songs done by, with, and for Liz

Daisy Elizabeth Tuomi

Visit her memorial page on

Liz's youngest, Ethan Okamura, offers this song, Full Circle, in memory of his mother. I know she loved this song. See more of Ethan's music at This Old Earthquake.

Also by This Old Earthquake is Tsunami which Ethan played at Liz's funeral.

With Liz singing and/or playing

Little Bird, a Finish folk song she used to sing - introduced, played, and sung by Liz with booming drum (Brian McLeod), toy piano and guitar (DC), and sampled rhythm track as well  as found on Music for a Comic Book Video. And here's the cartoon from the album cover for that song and there we can see the Finnish name, Pikkunen Lintu and Liz playing the part of Betty.

Basic tracks version of Liz singing Little Bird and playing the piano with DC softly playing guitar chords.
Here's her spoken introduction to the song

Everything Happens to Me - by Tom Adair and Matt Dennis. Liz singing and on piano. Recorded by DC at her home in 1984.

Stupid Boys, sung by Liz  - from Boat of Dreams  #12

Boat of Dreams is a music project I did in 1986. At the time Liz did the vocal on Stupid Boys we'd been apart for a year and a half and I was with Elin. Elin has a superb voice and did background vocals on two songs, but for this song, which Liz was quite familiar with, Liz's style (compared by several to Yoko Ono) was right on. We were not yet comfortable with each other again, but in the spirit of art first, she came to Studio D in Sausalito, laid down this memorable vocal track, and left. Of the many, many songs I wrote for her in Bolinas, [When You Gonna Get here] Lizzie is my favorite. - DC

Seven songs by the Accidentals, an acapella musical group that Liz Tuomi was in a while back. The other members were Dave Murray, Susan Goldhaber, and Steve Burroughs. Six Finish Folk Songs played by Liz

Don't remember where I got tis tape. I thought it said Liz and Jane but Jane said she doesn't know about it. Liz's parents were immigrants from Finland and her mother told me that Liz spoke Finish without an accent. Any info on these songs welcome.

Shiny Stockings


A Foggy Day

Autumn Leaves

Basin Street Blues

Rockin Robin

The Way You Look Tonight


Finish Folk Song one

Finish Folk Song two

Finish Folk Song three

Finish Folk Song four

Finish Folk Song five

Finish Folk Song six


DC Songs with Liz singing and/or playing

Grateful, a duo with Liz and DC from the Fooled by Everything Tape - 
see song #2 on side B

All of the Fooled by Everything Tape has Liz on piano
and\or singing background. She's great.

Grateful now with it's own page.

#3 side B - Cool Wind Blows - cool background vocal - read w\chords

From the Low-Fi section
Liz also played keyboard on some of the Lo-fi songs

Low Fi - read w/chords - duet

Lover of a Thing (lead vocal)

Picnic - read w/chords - nuke song (lead vocal)

Stupid Boys - dedicated to world leaders (lead vocal)

Meet the Folks Who Pay - read w/chords - nuke song (lead vocal)

Away with Me - read w/chords (lead vocal)

Taboo - read w/chords - nuke song (lead vocal)

Psychoactive (Low Fi) (lead vocal) --  Blaise Smith version

Why Do We Live in the City - read w/chords

Murphy’s Law - read w/chords - nuke song

Ruse - read w/chords - for politicians everywhere

What Did You Do Today

Mary Inspiration

Downtown Bolinas

Don’t Want to Be Your Enemy - MFCBV version - read w/chords [MFCBV]
nuke song

Havin Fun - read w/chords

Hello Joshua - tread w/chords - for birth of Joshua Gnaizda

Woman in Bondage - [MFCBV]

Get Movin  ---   read w/chords - nuke song

Madam Chang's Arcade   ---   read w/chords - nuke song

Flipped Out - nuke song

Satan Is King

Satan Is King played backwards - The shocking subliminal message

Not Something Else   ---   read w\chords - [NSE]

Get Out on the Streets--read w/chords

Get Along Song #745 in the archive song list. Here, as in some of the others here and there, Liz is humming along or scatting along.

for Liz by dc

Songs for Liz - In All DC Songs, songs #181 through 1012 (831 of them) were done while I lived in Bolinas at Liz's home between the spring of 1976 and the spring of 1985 - a song every four days on average. I always had another place to be near son Kelly in San Francisco or Muir Beach so some were written there or while visiting friends or on the road - but the vast majority were done in Bolinas. With some exceptions, the love songs, relationship songs, and songs for women in this period are done with Liz in mind and I'd play her a song as soon as I wrote one so every song in a way was for her. She was a muse, an a partner, and a teacher. We did music together now and then but her musical ability was far superior and more diverse than mine. Below is a selection from those marked "for Liz" in the All DC Songs data base. Those in bold recommended more.  [See note on song meanings]

Forty Songs for Liz - in chronological order

Once Upon a Forlorn Afternoon - read  w/chords - 1st song written in Bolinas

As Only Lovers Do - NSE project version  - read w/chords .-------- Not Something Else

Hardheaded Woman

She Kisses Me and She Holds Me Tight - read w/chords

Sing a Song for You - for Liz - I said I'd write a song for her with the overused line "you can run but you can't hide."

I thought of You

I Love you Daisy - read  w/chords - these next 3 done in Fort Worth night before flying back to Bay Area

I Love You

Tomorrow I Will See You


I have Loved You

It Was You

Song Lady - read  w/chords

Lady by the Sea

Lookin for my Lover

I Hung your Clothes Up on the Line - read w/chords

When You Take Off Your Clothes and Embrace Me

I Do Love You and You’re my Friend  - NSE version - read w\chords .-------- Not Something Else

Grateful - w/Liz - from the Fooled by Everything project - read w/chords

(When You Gonna Get Here) Lizzie - BOD version - read w/chords ...... BOD (Boat of Dreams) - dc favorite

On the One and One - read w/chords

Tell Me - read w/chords

My Only Love

Bein with You and Pokin Around - read w/chords

Song for Daisy

Dizzy Dizzy Lizzie - read w/chords

I Just Want to Be with You - read w/chords

Gifts of Love - w/iz - from the Fooled by Everything project - read w/chords

You Are My Love

Be With You - read w/chords

Elizabeth in My Heart

Singin at Night to My Darlin

The Way the Wind’s True - read w/chords - dynamite version w/Liz on  Fooled by Everything project  not with me now.

You Are So Dear to Me

Happy As a Clam -- w/Liz - from the Fooled by Everything project - read w/chords

Hopefully (acoustic) - BOD version - read w/chords - BOD (Boat of Dreams) - Liz had a pet peeve about the way people use the word "hopefully" when the correct use would be to say "I hope..."

I Appreciate Her

One Sweet Smile - read w/chords

Be My Valentine - Lowfi - 1983 also secretly for Terry Killam

Welcome Home - Lowfi version only

Note on song meanings - It's not clear what my songs mean or who they're really for. Liz was a partner, friend, teacher, muse but where did she, where do each of us start and end? And there's a degree in each song to which the subject is an actor playing a part and the object is a projection, another actor, a dream, each a dream, and every time it's sung the meaning and feeling, the intention changes and the actors reinterpret their roles, aren't even necessarily the same person. Their sex can change. From one point of view, these songs were written for themselves, even by themselves, and we served their purpose which is not clear nor stable. They are all flawed, their concreteness fades, and they disintegrate along with us. - dc

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