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Not Something Else

The song names below are links to mp3s (128kbps). The read links after the song go to scans of sheets with the words and chords as typed by Liz Tuomi and me, mainly her.

Not Something Else

            A Ė

1-The Happy Trucker   ---   read w\chords

2-Hike Around the City   ---   read w\chords

3-Donít Tell Me  ---    read w\chords

4-Youíre Wrong Son  ---    read w\chords

5-Last Word   ---   read w\chords

6-Away with Me *   ---   read w\chords

7-Fools Together*   ---   read w\chords

10-Blind Old Tapdancer   ---   read w\chords

        B -

1-Big Deal   ---   read w\chords

2-Donít Say No   ---   read w\chords

3-I Do Love You and You're my Friend   ---   read w\chords

4-Keeps Rollin' On *   ---   read w\chords

6-High Tide  ---    read w\chords

9-Walkin My Baby Frog   ---   read w\chords

10-Not Something Else   ---   read w\chords

Rejects - these songs done at Wahlbergs were not included on the tape I'm sure because they were just too poorly done.

5-Everlovin Apple   ---   read w\chords

7-I Wondered  ---    read w\chords

8-Same Old Song   ---   read w\chords

8-Easy Diver   ---   read w\chords

9-Late Morning Sun  (please forgive the vocal)  ---    read w\chords

Credits for songs recorded at Richard Wahlberg's studio

Engineer - Richard Wahlberg

Randy Craig - piano
Charlie Daggelman - bass
Barry Glick - lead guitar
Nick Saume - drums
Liz Tuomi - background vocals
David Chadwick - rhythm guitar, vocals and wrote all songs

And here's the rest of the songs done at Doug's with Hokum Jeebs on piano and Charlie Daggelman on bass and me on guitar. Just a bunch of unrehearsed jams.

See note on Hokum's death.

1-In This House   ---   read w\chords

2-Goodbye Bird  ---    read w\chords

3-Lady in Santa Fe (solo)  ---    read w\chords

4-Touche   ---   read w\chords

5-Threads   ---   read w\chords

6-Gardenia   ---   read w\chords

7-Thatís Life   ---   read w\chords

8-As Only Lovers Do   ---   read w\chords

9-Poor People  - solo version   ---   read w\chords

10-Things    ---  read w\chords

11-Waiting for You with the Sound   ---   read w\chords

12-Back at the Sea  ---    read w\chords

13-Havin Fun   ---   read w\chords

14-The Painting on the Wall (solo)  ---    read w\chords


Recorded in December of 1978. This is the first music recording I ever did  in a studio. Fort Worth friend and wild-man entrepreneur Johnny Langdon was visiting San Francisco and we sat up in his room at the St. Francis Hotel and ate a whole bunch of food he had sent up and I played him songs on the guitar and he gave me a grant to hire a band and do some recording. Peter Coyote got me together with some of the members of the Pickle Family Circus Band and we met once just for me to play them the songs and give them some lead sheets and then we spent two days at Richard Wahlberg's studio in SF jamming on 17 songs. Richard was legally blind or close to it. He got up real close to a lot of things and squinted at them - like dials and tapes - but he did as well as anyone would have I think on four tracks with the sounds that were coming out. We did it all very quickly and it shows. I also did some recording at Doug McKechnie's apartment with Hokum Jeebs (the one man band) on the piano and Charlie Daggelman on Bass. Again, we just ran through the songs - and again 17 of them - and so like the others, they're not really even demo quality. I wish I could turn some of the bass down and fix some of the notes. But it was all a good experience and opened some new doors. Doug and I have been good friends since then and I've kept in touch with Hokum through the years. He included Away with Me in his repertoire and put out a recording of it which I'm trying to locate.

I made some cassette tapes from those sessions and passed them out to friends and family. Poor recipients. Mostly I used songs done with the Pickle Family bunch. The ones done at Doug McKechnie's are marked with an asterisk.

At the bottom are the official credits for these recordings.



































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