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Songs done with or produced by Blaise Smith

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 - It was Blaise who led me into this experimental, raw, new area of musical madness. See Music Orange studio in SF to see his latest venture. I met Blaise through Brit Pyland I think, maybe. We had other friends in common. It was early 1981. [read on]

Three songs done with Blaise at Gene de Smidt's in March of 1981 - just Blaise and DC on guitars. MP3s are 190kbps created with winLAME.

    1 - Fighting Fire with Fire -------- words w\chords

    2 - The Purpose of Life ----------- words w\chords

    3 - Hopefully ------------------------- words w\chords

Two songs produced by Blaise with Marco Perry, an English friend, recording it on his eight track. This version of Covered in Vines was used for the final cut on Music for a Comic Book Video with some additions such as the rain and thunder sounds and a new vocal. Blaise did all the instrumentation as far as I remember. I did the vocals and Liz Tuomi background vocal on Psychoactive. - dc

     1 - Covered in Vines-------- words w\chords

    2 - Psychoactive-------------

Backwards - Blaise on my Fostex four track (this is the only cut that was intended) May 1982

Forwards - Backwards played backwards wherein words can be discerned

Backwards and Forwards - Backwards and Forwards played together

Basic tracks with Blaise - we did this as an experiment just getting to know my new Fostex four track cassette recorder and a little Roland TR 808 drum machine I used for many of the low fi recordings.

BnD-3 - used in Katrinka, Won't You Be my Valentine

Katrinaka, Won't You Be my Valentine - Here's a piece I did for mate Katrinka on Valentine's this year, 2010, using #3 of the seven basic track experiments Blaise and I did with the new equipment I'd just bought - mainly him I suppose cause I was just learning from him. I just added a bit of guitar and the vocal. The lead guitar is his. So that's one down and six to go - gonna do something with each of them.

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